No Facetime over 4G on new iPad


Despite the fact my home Wi-Fi ADSL averages around 5-7mb/s and my new iPad easily gets 20+mb/s, Apple still haven’t allowed FaceTime to activate over my faster wireless connection. In my opinion this is the one killer feature that Apple ‘just need to turn on’. My jailbroken iPhone has been able to FaceTime for over a year on a ‘slow’ 3G connection without any issues, in fact it’s been darn amazing. I can only imagine how great FaceTime would be over a 4G network on the new iPad.

Reports have stated that the cellular network companies are putting restrictions on this feature because it clogs up the network, however we believe the real reason is because FaceTime is free, the networks won’t make any ‘talk time’ revenue from your 20 minute FaceTime call with Granny in Novascotia. With many plans coming with 3 or more Gb worth of data, networks stand to make a lot less revenue if everyone starts to FaceTime instead of call.

iMessage is already killing SMS revenue streams for networks. If the mobile providers were smart, they would simply add plans that had a lot more chargeable data and allow you to do whatever you choose. Sadly, that day seems a long way off for now.

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