iPad ’4G’ in Australia. Stop complaining already.


OK, So I’m writing this post because the Australian public are complaining, in fact they are suing Apple today for ‘misleading’ advertising regarding the new iPad not actually being compatible with the Australian 4G network, yet it’s advertised as a 4G device. This annoys me somewhat, because I feel the general public have not done enough research.

Yes, the iPad is advertised as a 4G device, and YES it does only show up as 3G in Australia because the national network is not quite up to standard yet. Depending on who you talk you, apparently Telstra may use the right network as soon as this August but that’s speculation, so for now, the new iPad works on Telstra’s Next-G 3G network using Dual Channel. (Other networks are slow as hell, but we all knew that already right?)

So for everyone who is not a nerd what does that actually mean? Are Apple being sneaky and duping you?

Well let’s figure this out once and for all.

The iPad in Australia will show ’3G’ in the top left corner, however it runs on Dual Channel Next G 3G.

“SHOCK HORROR!! HATE APPLE!! SUE THEM NOW!” I hear all the nerds say… Well not so fast.

Who cares what the little symbol says on the screen, what SPEED does it connect at.


Look at this image, these 3G connection speeds in Sydney are off the charts, I challenge you to show me a 3G device that can do this? So clearly the iPad is running WAY FASTER than a 3G device. In fact these speeds are probably faster than most people’s home Wi-Fi.

So how does this compare to 4G? Well, in the USA, because of all the extra people, there is a lot more network congestion, and believe it or not, 4G users on the West Coast get around the 20Mbs mark as well… Technically you should be able to get around 70Mbs but with so many users this drops down obviously.

Perhaps this is why Apple didn’t clarify the ’4G’ label in Australia. I am honestly blown away by the speed of connection I get on the new iPad and personally I don’t care if you call it 3G, 4G or 10G… its Fast-G to me.

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  1. Mickey

    April 16, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    god bless australia. :)

  2. Shane Gowland

    April 16, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    You are aware that Sydney’s network speeds are significantly better than everywhere else in Australia, with the possible exception of Melbourne. In Perth, Adelaide, Darwin & Hobart 3G barely reaches 1MB/S, with speeds dropping significantly as you move further away from the CBD.

    Apple’s blunder should not be excused simply because Sydney’s 3G is comparable with US West Coast 4G. 

  3. Mimi

    April 19, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    is it Apple’s blunder of Telstra’s? They are taking control of the correct 4G frequency later this year…

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