Paper from 53 knocks the competition out of the park


So… there are a few great sketch apps for the iPad out now, and with the new Retina Display it’s really a fantastic way to get your ideas down on ‘paper’ wherever you are. I’m not a professional artist, so whilst I find all these apps fun, and semi useful, I wanted to see how Paper performs with a real pro at the helm.

I gave Sydney artist Rodney Chapman my iPad running Paper from 53. He had 5 minutes to firstly get his head round the app and then sketch something with no external help or images.

This is what he came up with. Amazing huh?

photo 1.PNG

I’ve previously given Autodesk’s sketching app to Rodney, and he produced some great artwork, but nothing with as much flair and emotion as he did with Paper.

Paper’s business model is smart, the app is free… and you get one pen. The Calligraphy pen. If you want more pens and paints, well then you need to stump up about $10 to unlock everything. Initially I thought this was a little expensive, but after seeing what Rodney created and then playing with the app myself, I really have fallen in love with Paper, it’s now my most used app and it’s truly fun to use.

Paper has some awesome features, like multiple notepads within the app, so you can categorise what you draw, it also has Facebook and Twitter sharing.

A couple of downfalls I’ll mention: you can’t export your images at full 2048 x 1536 resolution, however I’ve visited the forums and this common complaint will probably be fixed in the next version update. Also, the undo feature is a weird ‘use two fingers and twist’ system. Whilst ingenious, it simply doesn’t work that well. I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon though, as it’s pretty useless.

Verdict: 94%

Any budding artists, or full on professionals should 100% have this app in their arsenal, it’s amazing and fun and very very useful. IMHO the best sketching app out there right now.

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