About Us

Touch User Guide is dedicated to delivering the latest news and original content and reviews on iPad, iPad software and iPad accessories. Updated daily, Touch User Guide is one of the original sites created by fans of Apple long before the iPad was even announced.

Touch User Guide and it’s original sister site iPhone User Guide, were launched BEFORE the respective devices were announced. We had a hunch, and being Apple fans we decided to take the risk and see if it would pay off… It did. 3 years later and we’re still going strong. We launched Touch User Guide with a real bang gaining over 70,000 uniques in one day and crashing our servers when we ‘leaked’ an image of the iPad…


Yes, yes, we made the image ourselves in Photoshop, but still, the internet went crazy, and we had back links from sites as large as Tech Crunch. We had no idea it was going to be called the iPad, so we lovingly named it the MacBook Touch, and even went as far as mocking up what we thought the OS would look like. Yup, we’re nerds.

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