Touch User Guide and it’s original sister site iPhone User Guide, were launched BEFORE the respective devices were announced. We had a hunch, and being Apple fans we decided to take the risk and see if it would pay off… It did. 3 years later and we’re still going strong. We launched Touch User Guide with a real bang gaining over 70,000 uniques in one day and crashing our servers when we ‘leaked’ an image of the iPad…

Yes, yes, we made the image ourselves in Photoshop, but still, the internet went crazy, and we had back links from sites as large as Tech Crunch. We had no idea it was going to be called the iPad, so we lovingly named it the MacBook Touch, and even went as far as mocking up what we thought the OS would look like. Yup, we’re nerds.
Touch User Guide is one of the original websites dedicated entirely to the iPad, as a result our readership are die hard iPad fans. With a 60% skew towards males, the 18 to 35 year olds who read this site are tech savvy (or willing to learn!), cool, and leading the way with their technology choices.

Why Advertise?

Touch User Guide is the ideal spot to place your advertising, the site is still growing and we are focussed in better reviews, news and tips brought to our readers daily so that we can ultimately be the only place people come for iPad news.

Who reads us?

Our readers are generally males from 25 to 40, educated and English speaking. Around 65% of our traffic comes from the USA.


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